Demo: Recording a Song Demo

If you are a singer, instrumentalist, songwriter or home recordist and you want to turn your songs into a professional recordings, the video presentation below might help you see how we can help you do that.  In this video, Bill Bromfield steps up to the mic and makes up a nonsense song on the spot and then proceeds to fill it out with bass, drums, backing vocals and lead guitar.  This is just an example using one of many possible song styles.  With the resources we have available, it could be country, R&B, reggae, pop-rock, metal, bluegrass, etc., whatever your preference.

If the video doesn't show up on your browser or on your phone, you can see it by going to and watching it there.  The direct link to Part 1 is which can be clicked on or copied and pasted into your browser.  Part 2 is at


This video shows the creation of a song demo.  The next step would be to take it to the level of a finished track for a CD which would involve more mixing and polish.  If you would like an mp3 of a rough mix of this song, send a request for it to the email address below. 
If you have questions or you would like a free consultation about your project, please email


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