Clockwise Records offers the following services:

For Singer / Songwriters

    We can professionally record your live performance in the studio or at a venue and turn it into a professional demo or commercial CD.  You have the option of having us add instruments such as drums, bass, piano, guitar, etc.

Sponsorship Program for Singer / Songwriters

    For a limited time you can apply for our Waterfield Sponsorship program which reduces your costs, gives you a flat rate on all services including mixing and mastering, and a guarantee that if the results of any service do not meet your approval you pay nothing for that service.  For details email us:

Mixing and Mastering

     Do you have recorded tracks that need to be brought up to professional quality?  This can often be accomplished through re-mixing and/or mastering.  We guarantee that the final result will meet or exceed your expectations.

For Songwriters Who Don't Sing

     Do you have songs you would like to submit to a music publisher, artist or record label?  We can create professional demo recordings of  your song(s) on CD, DAT or cassette.


     Do you have a song or part of a song or an idea you would like to turn into a song and share with others?  We can compose music for your lyrics or turn your idea into a song and record it with a professional singer.  A CD with your song can make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasions.

For Singers, and Instrumentalists

     Do you need a professional audition recording to submit to record labels, producers, bands, etc?  We can create a professional recording of your voice or instrument that will bring out it's best qualities.  Or we can take a recording you already have and possibly move it up to professional grade through remixing or mastering.

DVDs, Enhanced CDs and EPKs

    DVDs and enhanced CD are much cheaper to reproduce and mail than VHS.  We can convert your VHS video into a DVD, or enhanced CD, complete with audio tracks that will play on computers or  regular CD players. The disk can include a slide show presentation with song lists, reviews, bios, etc.

    We can also help you create a complete Electronic Press Kit (EPK) which can include videos of live performances, interviews, live testimonials, slide shows and other exciting features to promote your career.

Sound Files For Your Web Page

Let us help you create or enhance your sound files (mp3, real audio, windows media player, etc) to the best quality they can be.

Video Editing

Let us help you turn your home video footage into a professional looking (and sounding) DVD.  More info available at


Need photos for your CD booklet, slide show or posters?  We do low cost, high quality photography for our recording clients. 

To discuss your project call 615-392-0885 or


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